Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Fabulous Four Have Been Elfed........

Check it out........

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Barry has FINALLY painted my bedroom........

I have finally picked a color for my bedroom, bought the paint and Barry is finished painting it. You wouldn't believe what it cost me to get this done. (A pound cake and two Sweet Potato Casseroles..... ) LOL. Wait that's is not all.......there is more!!!! I no longer own a water bed!!!!! I have wanted a regular bed for years but Barry was convinced that he could not sleep on one. I bought a soft-side water bed mattress thinking I would ease him into this one but he never would even try it. Arrrgggg.

I was at a friends house that was preparing for an Estate sale. I called Barry and ask him if I could buy this bed and he must not have had his coffee yet (no wait that is when he is grouchy) any way, he agreed and I bought the bed before he had time to change his mind.

The cool part is that I listed my (old) bedroom suite on Huntsville Trader and sold it for $50 less than I had to pay for my (new to me) bedroom suite. COOL!!!

Here are some after and before pictures. (they loaded backward...) I am not finished ......I haven't found a comforter set that I like enough to pay the price for. Give me your ideas. If I can I will post a picture of the material that I am trying to use.
The little monkeys on the night stand are one of my prize possessions. Christmas present from my kids last year. I was impressed that they KNEW that I like Butler Monkeys. These are monkeys that wear clothes. That is what my main theme is but I just happened to have other jungle items (thanks Mom).
NOTICE: There is no Mustang paraphernalia in the bedroom any more. I also moved out the massive C.D. collection that you see in the curio case of the dresser.